Brother was killed by an infected dog purchased on Facebook, and husband’s legs had to be amputated.


The “big softie” Japanese Akita left a woman grieving after it killed her brother and caused her to husband need his legs amputating following a deadly infectious bite

A woman is currently grieving over her brother who was killed by a “giant teddy bear” of a dog, while her husband needed his legs amputated after just a nip from its jaws.

Pauline Day, from Colchester, Essex has revealed how the Japanese Akita turned her life upside down after it was revealed it had deadly bacteria in its mouth.

Her new pet, called Ted, was purchased by her brother Barry Harris off Facebook for £1,500.

The family had no idea of the deadly poison in the dog’s mouth and Barry, 46, sadly died three days after being bitten on the arm by Ted in July.

A month later Ted bit Ms Day’s husband Mark, 61, as he was walking the dog on the day of Barry’s funeral.

Mark is currently still in hospital and has been since late August.

He was forced to have his left-hand fingers amputated and will lose both his legs next week due to sepsis, said to have been caused by the bacteria in Ted’s mouth.

Speaking to the Independent, Ms Day said: “They weren’t even attacked. Ted literally just broke the skin on my husband and my brother.

“It was the softest dog but it had food issues. Whenever it was near food it was so aggressive.

“We think it was mistreated as a puppy.”

Barry got the dog after looking for some company following a breakup and contacted a seller on Facebook to enquire about Ted.

Ted had only been with Barry for less than six weeks when he bit his hand after Barry tried to remove a bone.

His arm started to swell and he began feeling ill with cold sweats, as well as headaches.

He tragically passed away days later after his heart stopped beating.

Ms Day’s husband Mark also felt unwell very quickly and went into cardiac arrest and multiple organ failures as a result of the bacteria in Ted’s mouth.

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Doctors confirmed to Ms Day that her husband’s situation was 100% due to bacteria from the dog.

Ms Day had Ted put down on the same day the doctor’s diagnosed how Mark was placed into this condition.

It was later revealed the dog had no vaccination history.


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