Brighton 3-3 Wolves: League Premier – who cares?


Brighton and Wolves started 2021 with a six-goal thriller at the Amex Stadium, fighting for goals at the end of last year.

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Beep, beep, beep! Uh, beep! It’s been a lot of fun.

Brighton led 1-0, trailed at halftime 3-1 and battled back in the second half impressively.

It’s another home game for Brighton without a victory, but with the challenges they’ve had, they are likely to be able to deal with it.

90+4 min: With the last kick of the contest, Otasowie loses a great opportunity! Or the last header, rather. Traore sets off on a final run and hits a lovely cross from six yards out that Otasowie heads across target. What an opportunity! He sits in the net when the final whistle sounds, trying to grasp why the ball isn’t with him.

90+3 min At the close post, the corner is cleared.

Brighton will hold the game open from 25 yards before Webster volleys over. It ought to have been that.

90+2 min A Brighton corner, this time on the right wing, leads to another.

90+2 min The big, hanging free-kick from the halfway line in March is headed by Webster across the box and cleared by Semedo.

90+1 min For something, Semedo gets a yellow card, and it doesn’t take any more.

90+1 min Three minutes of interruption.

90 min Kilman plays a nice pass to Neto down the left, who gets past Webster but then runs over the ball.

89 min Webster is fortunate not to be cautioned by Ait-Nouri for a foul.

87 min For Wolves, a transition. Owen Otasowie replaces Fabio Silva, who, without having much impact on the game, has been working a lot.

85 min “It’s not a single note,” Mike Hollitscher says. “I’ve seen enough La Liga, PL and Serie A to know the difference between them just by the sound. The roar of a crowd in Spain is acoustically distinguishable from one in England.”
Oooh, that’s a nice point for the spectators in La Liga.

84 Min Zeqiri is cleared by Saiss with a deflected cross.

Brighton looks like a sure winner, but so was England in 1998 against Romania.

82 min A draw is not good for either side, particularly Brighton, despite all the excitement.

78 min. I only realized that there was always Pedro Neto on the pitch. In the second half, he was so silent. Traore is back to his old self, but aside from that, after half time, Wolves haven’t done a lot going forward.

77 min ‘A real question,’ Gary Naylor says. “It sounds (to me, anyway) as if the ‘internal’ sounds of a soccer match, right down to the vocabulary, pitch of voice and cries of pain, are the same whether you’re watching a game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium or a few miles away at Hackney Marshes.

So if you swap an Anglo-Saxon oath for a Spanish one, are the ‘sounds of soccer’ a universal backdrop to the global game?”
Paul Doyle wrote a very funny article on this general topic a few months ago.

76 min Having watched the replay, I don’t think Trossard (73rd minute) fouled Ait-Nouri, who knew he was in trouble and lay down hoping for a foul.

It was, though.

75 min Replays confirm that was a good tackle by Dunk.

74 min Dunk desperately tackles Traore from the wrong side, after which Wolves briefly appeal for a penalty.

I’m pretty sure he got the ball, but it was a very risky tackle.

73 min Sanchez’s long kick leaves Trossard one-on-one with Ait-Nouri, who heads weakly back to his keeper and falls over. Trossard runs on and hammers the ball into the net, but the whistle was blown for a foul on Ait-Nouri. That was 50:50.

72 min. Actually, this could be an own goal by Saiss, because it is questionable whether Dunk’s header was on goal.

It hit Saiss on the side of the face and changed direction completely. Either way, he’s not very lucky: he was the man who deflected Marcus Rashford’s shot into the night at Old Trafford.

71 mins Replays show Dunk’s header deflected off Saiss, but I think it’s his goal anyway.

Another corner, this time from the right side. Trossard hit a nice ball to the far post, where Dunk got between Saiss and Ait-Nouri and put an excellent header into the net.

There it is in!

69 min Brighton make their final change: Adam Lallana replaces Dan Burn.

68 min: Webster hits the crossbar! After March’s corner from the left, Webster heads the ball across goal and onto the crossbar. The rebound lands with Zeqiri, who grabs the shot and fires over from five yards.

67 min “Dan Burn’s been put through the wringer here by his manager,” says Will Morgan. “Against Arsenal, he’s got


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