Brendan Loughnane is ready to ‘seize the moment’ as he prepares to fight for the British featherweight title. Semifinals of the PFL


Brendan Loughnane is ready to ‘seize the moment’ as he prepares to fight for the British featherweight title. Semifinals of the PFL

EXCLUSIVE: A British featherweight talks to Express Sport ahead of a crucial PFL match.

Brendan Loughnane of Manchester has traveled the world assisting some of the world’s top boxers in their preparation for title fights, but he believes it is now time for him to take center stage.

Loughnane competes in the PFL, a global mixed martial arts league, and is currently ranked first in the featherweight division after a first-round knockout of former UFC fighter Sheymon Moraes in his first bout of the season.

Instead of needing to stake a claim for a championship shot, competitors in the unique league structure have the option to win their way to a title battle and, if they win, a check for $1 million (£710,000).

Loughnane spoke to Express Sport from Las Vegas ahead of his vital second contest on June 10 in Atlantic City, where he stated he’s in great shape after getting through his first fight with scarcely a scratch.

“I walked away with no scars, bumps, or bruises. On Monday morning, I was back at the gym,” he added.

“I’m nowhere near finished with this task. I have three more fights left, and then I’ll be a millionaire, at least that’s how I see it. As a result, the job is far from finished.

“Yeah, I got off to a good start, but anything can happen in a tournament, so I’m not getting too excited just yet.”

Fighters compete twice during the regular season in the PFL league, receiving points based on their performances.

Wins are worth three points, with bonus points awarded for stoppage victories. First-round finishers get three bonus points, second-round stoppages earn two, and third-round finishers earn one.

Loughnane’s first-round TKO of Moraes ensured that he got the most points out of his first fight, and that any win over former “The Ultimate Fighter” competitor and other first-round winner Tyler Diamond would guarantee the Briton a spot in the tournament’s semi-finals.

With his two major challengers, former Brave CF featherweight champion Bubba Jenkins and two-time PFL featherweight champion Lance Palmer, both set to face substitute opponents after their scheduled opponents backed out, Loughnane believes he’s been dealt one of the division’s toughest draws. He, on the other hand, is content to accept. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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