Boxer Brodnicka battered in MMA brawl by Polish rival ‘Lil Masti’ after shoving SEX TOY in opponent’s face at weigh-in (VIDEO).


Tensions had run high between Bogusz – a social media influencer-turned-pop star – and Brodnicka as they prepared for their High League showdown at Ergo Arena in Gdansk-Sopot on Saturday.

Boxing queen Brodnicka, who boasts a 20-1 record in the ring as a former European and WBO super featherweight champ, was making her MMA debut against a woman formerly known as ‘Sexmasterka’ for her erotic image.

Tempers had flared at Friday’s weigh-in when Bogusz appeared to slap Brodnicka’s backside as she stepped onto the scales, before Brodnicka – who was clad in a skimpy silver bikini – whipped a black dildo out of a plastic bag and waved it in her rival’s face.

Bogusz responded by grabbing the item and hurling it back at her opponent, sparking blows and a tense verbal exchange between the pair.

Co za prezent od Ewy Brodnickiej dla „Lil Masti”! 🤯🤯🤯📺 PPV na

dlaczego Ewa nie wygrała :(( nadal jest mi smutno z tego powodu bo teraz ego lilmasti wyjebie poza skale

However, it was ‘Lil Masti’ who stuck it to her rival when the two finally met in the cage, utilizing her superior MMA experience having won her two previous outings in the cage prior to facing Brodnicka.  

After dominating on the ground throughout the contest, and with Brodnicka being a deducted a point in the opening round due to an eye-poke, Bogusz finally got the job done in the third round with an array of blows from crucifix position. 

Brodnicka: cała walka będzie w stójce, Masterka nie ma szans!Brodnicka przez całą walkę

Afterwards, Brodnicka demanded an immediate rematch, claiming she had been nursing a knee injury heading into the bout.  

“I want a rematch very much, I’d like to have more time to polish my ground game and I’d like to enter the cage without any injury,” said the 37-year-old.

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The beaten Brodnicka is no stranger to weigh-in controversy, having sparked a brawl with rival Edith Solidad Matthysse when she planted a kiss on the Argentine before their boxing bout in October of 2019.

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