Bournemouth opposes Junior Stanislas’ repugnant ‘racial violence’


After Saturday’s away win at Stoke, Bournemouth manager Neill Blake condemned the racial bullying of Junior Stanislas, calling it “disgusting and completely unacceptable”

After scoring the Cherries’ winning goal in a 1-0 Championship victory, Stanislas was subjected to racist harassment and slurs towards his family by one person on Twitter.

Blake has vowed that the club will do whatever it can to find the individual in question and aims to take the “strongest possible action” against him.

Blake said in a statement, “It is both disgusting and completely intolerable that anyone could be subjected to the racist abuse that Junior has received,”

I am shocked that people think that it is appropriate to write and post such comments. We will ask Twitter and the Football Association for assistance in finding the individual in question and will take the strongest legal action against them.

We agree strongly that social media sites need to take more responsibility and transparency for their users’ actions and the content shared on their platforms.

We would wholeheartedly endorse any effort to ensure that all social media accounts are checked by formal registration, thus making users responsible for their acts.

The stance of the club on any sort of discrimination is unambiguous.

It is completely intolerable and whenever and wherever it happens, it must be condemned.

As evidenced by our ongoing Everybody Together initiative, which battles racism and encourages empathy, we are a club that celebrates equity, diversity and inclusion. With Junior, we stand firmly and will continue to work relentlessly to inform and rid the game of all types of discrimination.


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