Birmingham City’s new ‘tiger’ third uniform has gone down in flames, with supporters reacting with funny memes.


Birmingham City’s new ‘tiger’ third uniform has gone down in flames, with supporters reacting with funny memes.

BIRMINGHAM supporters are dissatisfied with the club’s new third kit, which has strong tiger overtones.

The Blues have unveiled their new Nike limited edition strip, which features orange and green stripes on the front and a green typeface on the back.

The shirt, which will be worn during this season’s Championship, is available now and costs between £37.50 and £49.99 in both junior and adult sizes.

“Designed by the world’s premier footwear and apparel business, this statement piece jersey catches the attention courtesy of a state-of-the-art all over patterned front print consisting of Safety Orange and Noble Green,” Birmingham said on their official website.

“The distinctive design is again a special make-up composition exclusive to Blues, meaning no other Club in the UK would boast this particular design.”

“It has a black side seam elasticated strip for an increased comfortable fitted look and is made with the newest Dri-FIT technology and 100% polyester fabric.”

“In addition, the kit is produced of at least 75% recycled fibers, which decreases waste and carbon footprint as part of Nike’s Move to Zero Initiative.”

However, some fans are dissatisfied with the new look, with many taking to Twitter to publish a series of memes comparing it to Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G’s outfit.



This can only be worn by one man….


Others proposed that the club model the strip like Joe Exotic from Netflix’s Tiger King documentary.

“What the f**k is this?” wrote one admirer.

“Oh dear, who thought it was a good choice?” said another.

“Christ on a bike, what the fudge is that?” screamed a third.

“Orange and green…,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Is that something that’s ever been done before? If you don’t know why, here’s a guess:…” “I’m hoping by limited edition you mean you only manufactured 100 since you won’t be selling many,” said another. ⚽ For the most up-to-date rumours, rumors, and completed transactions, visit our Football news live blog.


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