Betting ban for Kieran Trippier suspended by Fifa for violation of FA rules


Trippier is now available for selection again for Atlético Madrid. England’s full-back 10-week ban suspended

The 10-week suspension by Kieran Trippier for violating FA regulations on gambling has been suspended pending an appeal. After finding him guilty of a betting offence in connection with his move from Tottenham Hotspur to Atlético Madrid in the summer of 2019, the FA confirmed Trippier’s suspension last week with immediate effect. The case of Kieran Trippier and why certain betting markets should not be allowed | Barry GlendenningContinue readingAtlético Madrid, whose coach Diego Simeone characterized the penalty as “completely unjust,” had demanded an appeal of the case and asked both of them to appeal the case, but had expressed no intention of appealing the ban.

Atlético was not involved in the investigation at any stage, nor aware of its progress, and challenged a decision that essentially benefits the English national team while punishing it by requiring Trippier to miss at least 13 games for his club and none for his country. On Saturday, Fifa told the Spanish club that the English full-back was eligible for selection, despite not training for his club.

Atlético will now plan an appeal which, if they want to do so, can be addressed to Fifa in the first instance and then to Cas. “Personally, I think that this suspension is disproportionate for the player and totally unfair for Atlético,” said Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, general manager of the club. “How can it be that Atlético, which was not involved in the process, is the party most negatively affected by this? If the player committed an offense that has no effect on the competition, how can it be that Atlético is the one that is punished as a result? “The fact that the FA punished the player by prohibiting him from playing against Chelsea, and that the suspension ends only when the player is punished.


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