Bernie Ecclestone claims that Lewis Hamilton can “escape contract” if he retires.


Bernie Ecclestone claims that Lewis Hamilton can “escape contract” if he retires.

Lewis Hamilton has signed a new two-year contract with Mercedes that will keep him in Formula One until 2023.

Despite signing a new two-year contract with Mercedes, F1 great Bernie Ecclestone believes Lewis Hamilton could still retire at the end of the season. This season, Max Verstappen is taking on Hamilton and appears like he might be able to break the Silver Arrows’ domination.

Because Red Bull has gotten faster this season, Ecclestone believes the fight in Hamilton has reduced.

The former F1 boss believes the 36-year-old has made blunders this season that are unusual given his abilities.

Despite the fact that Hamilton’s new deal has been signed, Ecclestone believes he could yet retire.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people about it, and Lewis isn’t quite the fighter he used to be,” Ecclestone remarked.

“He could have done better on numerous times this year, but he hasn’t.

“He’s never had any competition, the equipment has always been top-notch, and he’s never had to put in much work. But now he might be thinking that he might ease up a little.

“I expected he’d try to win the championship and then retire at the start of the year.

“However, it appears not, despite the fact that I wouldn’t put too much faith in contracts. He’ll be able to get away from it.

“I’m sure he looked at the clothes and music options, but he realized it’s not as easy to make money there as it is in Formula One.”

Hamilton and Ecclestone have a tense relationship as a result of the world champion’s efforts to increase ethnic diversity in Formula One.

After the 90-year-old claimed in a CNN interview that “in many circumstances, black people are more prejudiced than white people,” Hamilton called Ecclestone “uneducated and ignorant.”

Is it still possible for them to communicate? Ecclestone responds, “On and off.” When was the last time? He continues, “about the period of his support for Black Lives Matter.”

“Lewis assumed I was against it, but he was mistaken because I understand what he’s trying to accomplish.

“He phoned me because I chatted with Anthony, his father.

“I stated the problem for Lewis is that he has gone out of his way to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter, and that others are profiting from it while he isn’t.

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