Ben Shephard’s ‘simple’ foot question has left Tipping Point viewers angry.


Ben Shephard’s ‘simple’ foot question has left Tipping Point viewers angry.

ITV viewers have attacked Tipping Point over an easy question, with some genuinely bewildered.

During the game show’s second round, Phil, Mick, and Elaine fought head to head in a battle to reach the final, but the cash builder was a very other story.

When it came to Phil’s round, the quiz aficionado amassed an astounding number of counters to feed into the machine, as well as a double supercar experience day.

The brainbox, on the other hand, appeared stunned when asked one question in particular, which has since sparked outrage.

Ben Shephard, the show’s host, asked Phil where the feet could be found on the body, and Phil immediately replied, “Feet.”

One user asked on social media: “Which limbs’ feet are at the end of? ITV, are you serious?” “The feet are at the end of what limbs, you got to be kidding me,” said another. Before a third, the following was typed: “What happened to your feet? Ffs.” “Thought your feet were on the end of your nose, Phil,” added a fourth cynically. Phil made it to the final round, unsurprisingly, because to the simple question, as nine counters fell for him, giving him a grand total of £1,200.

Phil, on the other hand, was unable to go to the final round despite amassing a sum of £1350, which was outnumbered by only £50, resulting in Phil being declared the episode’s winner.


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