Before turning to UFC, Conor McGregor had a’mushroom’ haircut in school photos.


Conor McGregor’s’mushroom’ haircut before joining the UFC can be seen in photos from his school days.

Conor McGregor earned the nickname ‘Snowball’ for his blond bowl cut hair style, which he can be seen wearing in photos from his school days, long before he became known as ‘The Notorious’ in the UFC.

In photos from his school days, Conor McGregor has a blond bowl cut hairstyle that makes him completely unrecognizable.

‘The Notorious’ has made a name for himself in the sporting world over the last decade, and his tattoos, short haircut, and long beard make him easily identifiable to those who are familiar with him.

McGregor was an innocent-looking youngster with a much lighter appearance before he turned to the UFC.

His hair was so brightly colored that he was given the nickname “Snowball” when he was ten years old.

It’s probably why he started his MMA career with a shaved head.

Entering a fight with a mushroom cut wouldn’t have made his opponents fearful.

McGregor appears in the photos as if he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but his demeanor shifted after he began training in combat sports to defend himself against bullies.

The Irishman previously stated, “When I was really young, I felt like I needed to be able to defend myself.”

“So I decided to go train so that if anyone says anything to me, they’ll know about it.’

That’s how it all began for me.”

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McGregor can be seen wearing the 1995-96 Manchester United grey away kit at his school’s sports day in one of the photos.

Since then, his passion for the football club has grown even stronger, and he even offered to buy them from the unpopular Glazer family last year.

Furthermore, after being sacked earlier this season, he sent a heartfelt message to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer via social media.

“It’s a funny picture with the blonde head on me,” McGregor said of the throwback photo to the SentataMMAShow.

“If I do say so myself, I am a very attractive b******.”

He also revealed that the United kit was purchased with money raised from communion.

Nowadays, the 33-year-old can purchase any football shirt he desires.

While he is likely to wear United’s colors again, his blond bowl cut is almost certainly consigned to the photo albums.


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