Before the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton highlights Max Verstappen’s advantages.


Before the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton highlights Max Verstappen’s advantages.

At the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton hopes to “narrow the gap” on Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton says he hopes to “narrow the gap” this weekend at the British Grand Prix, with the seven-time world champion hoping to close the 32-point deficit to Max Verstappen.

Hamilton has seven Formula One wins at Silverstone, and he recently confessed that he’s been putting in the hours on the simulator, something he’s previously admitted to Express Sport he doesn’t like.

Mercedes is also expecting to bring an upgrade package for the W12, as well as Hamilton’s home fans pouring on the circuit, to add to their advantages this weekend.

And Hamilton believes it has the potential to be a winning formula all weekend.

“With all those elements, I hope and pray,” Hamilton said ahead of Thursday’s British Grand Prix.

“Obviously, we won’t know until tomorrow, and another factor is that with this sprint race, this new format, it’s easy for any of us to make a mistake.

“However, opportunities do exist, which is wonderful.

“I like to think the fans, there’s always been talk about the energy and excitement that the supporters provide, and there’s no doubt that when it’s your home Grand Prix and you’re up against a British audience, you bring more.

“You’ve got a lot more firepower behind you.

“So I’m hoping that when all of those things come together, it closes that great gap in performance that those guys have developed, and it allows us to really take it to them next weekend.”

The British Grand Prix features a unique sprint qualifying system, in which the top three finishers get championship points, while the grid for Sunday’s main event is determined by the results of 17 laps.

The British Grand Prix weekend is expected to attract 140,000 spectators as the UK government continues to test large sporting events, with Silverstone hosting the largest crowd since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hamilton confessed that he was looking forward to seeing the home fans.

“You arrive with a new level of enthusiasm, but also a new level of nervousness, because you want to deliver for everyone and have the finest weekend possible.

Mercedes has won nine consecutive pole positions at Silverstone, and Hamilton would need to win to make it ten. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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