Before he was discovered alive in a morgue freezer, a man was certified dead, and he died five days later.


Before he was discovered alive in a morgue freezer, a man was certified dead, and he died five days later.

Srikesh Kumar stunned employees at a private hospital mortuary when he awoke after being proclaimed dead following a serious motorcycle accident, but he ultimately passed away due to his injuries.

After being declared dead in a motorcycle accident, a guy awoke in a mortuary and died five days later.

Srikesh Kumar, 40, was branded a “miracle” after coming up six hours after medics ruled him dead in a hospital mortuary freezer.

He then fell into a coma and tragically died just five days later after astonishing both professionals and relatives with his resolve to live.

Kumar, an electrician, died in a motorcycle accident in Moradabad, east of New Delhi, after sustaining internal bleeding in his head.

On Tuesday night, his death was announced at Meerut’s Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial (LLRM) medical college.

“My brother fought for his life but lost the battle after five days,” his brother Satyanand Gautam told the Times of India. He yearned to be alive.

“He appeared to be recovering because he used to respond when we called his name. His vital signs were in the usual range. He did, however, have a clot in his brain.” Kumar was critically injured in the motorcycle accident, and medics initially proclaimed him dead after discovering no heartbeat.

When they came to sign documents for an autopsy to take place, a family member observed Kumar was moving.

Kumar’s in-law sister “He’s not at all dead,” Madhu Bala exclaimed as she spotted him moving.

“We will submit a complaint against the physicians for carelessness because they almost killed Srikesh by putting him in a freezer,” she told local reporters later.

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Kumar’s recovery was earlier praised as a “miracle” and described as the “rarest of rare cases” by Rajendra Kumar, the hospital’s medical superintendent.

“The emergency medical officer saw the patient at 3 a.m. and there was no heartbeat,” he explained. He had gone over the man with him several times.

“He was proclaimed dead after that, but a police squad and his family discovered him alive the next morning.” An investigation has been launched. “Right now, our top priority is to save his life.” He also stated that “we can’t call it negligence” because it was such an uncommon event.


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