Because of his casual attire, John Bishop believes he’keeps getting mistaken for a drug dealer.’


Doctor Who star John Bishop reckons his casual dress sense outside of television is leading people to believe he’s actually up to no good and selling drugs on the sly

Comedian and TV star John Bishop explained that he keeps getting mistaken for a drug dealer.

The Doctor Who star reckons his casual dress sense leads people to think he’s up to no good.

John said: “I was recently walking around Dudley town centre and I was mistaken for a drug dealer. I can’t think why? It seems to happen quite a bit.”

Liverpudlian John is on his Right Here Right Now stand-up tour of the UK and will also be on screens in the new series of Doctor Who starting this month.

John, who plays Jodie Whittaker’s sidekick Dan, said he caused a stink in his tight body suit on his first day of filming by farting.

Dad-of-three John said: “I tried to style it out like it didn’t happen, forgetting that I’d obviously got a microphone over my head and I was in a body suit, and there’s a whole sound crew sitting there with headphones on giggling.”

John, whose routines are family friendly, revealed a fear of “being cancelled”.

He warned: “You’ve got to be careful.

“I don’t buy into this philosophy that you have licence to say hurtful and insulting things and go: ‘But it’s just a joke.’

“I think there are some areas where the jokes would never be funny enough.”

Earlier this week, ITV announced that John would be the frontman of a brand new Saturday night comedy programme – The John Bishop show.

It will see John perform stand-up and chat with many celebrity guests each week.

Much like the Jonathan Ross show, it will include the hottest names in film, TV, sport, music and more in front of a live studio audience.

Speaking about the new role, the comedian said: “We’ve been discussing making a Saturday night show for ITV for a while and I am so glad that we are finally going to be doing it.

“We want it to be up to date and topical, whilst also fitting the energy and fun that Saturday nights on ITV is known for.”

ITV Head of Entertainment, Katie Rawcliffe also added: “The John Bishop Show is the perfect Saturday night fix; celebrity tales, hilarious stand-up comedy and showcasing new global talent.

“John’s charismatic on-air style will delight viewers and guests alike.”

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