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Bayern troll Neymar and PSG over Brazilian’s love rival singer as he congratulates ‘Bayer’ for Champions League win

BAYERN MUNICH prevented Paris Saint-Germain from winning their first-ever Champions League title on Sunday night – and then took aim at Neymar.

Kingsley Coman scored the winner for the German giants as they won their sixth Champions League crown.


Obrigado, @neymarjr! 😍😭🙌

No sé bien porqué me felicitas si ando de vacaciones echando el FIFA… pero gracias 😂

Neymar was pictured in tears after the game before begrudgingly accepting his runners-up medal.

After the game, the Brazilian star attempted to be gracious in victory by congratulating Bayern Munich on Twitter.

But he accidentally tweeted his success to “Bayer” – with Leverkusen quick to point out his mistake.

Neymar wrote: “Losing is part of the sport. We try everything, we fight to the end.

“Thank you very much for the support and affection of each one of you.

“Congratulations to Bayer.”

Bayer Leverkusen’s English Twitter account quote-tweeted the post with a raised-eyebrow emoji.

Meanwhile, Leverkusen’s Spanish Twitter replied with a hilarious gag.

They wrote: “Hey Neymar. I’m not sure why you congratulate me if I’m on vacation playing FIFA… but thanks.”

And later, Bayern Munich’s Spanish Twitter page took aim at Neymar over his love-life.

The Brazilian ace is dating Natalia Barulich – the ex-girlfriend of famous South American singer Maluma.

After beating RB Leipzig in the Champions League semi-finals, the PSG squad trolled the singer with a rendition of Maluma hit “Hawai” – a song believed to be about his break-up with Natalia.

On Sunday night, Bayern’s Spanish Twitter page posted a picture of the team celebrating with the trophy.

They captioned the post with a lyric from another Maluma song, “11pm”.

It read: “How do I make you understand, that with me you look better.”

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