Barcelona president Joan Laporta sends a stern message to Lionel Messi.


Barcelona president Joan Laporta sends a stern message to Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi reportedly in talks with PSG after leaving Barcelona as a free agent this summer.

Following Lionel Messi’s startling free transfer this summer, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has sent a defiant statement. As he outlined the issue and where the Blaugrana currently stand, Laporta declared that ‘the club is above all.’

After his contract expired earlier this summer, Barcelona revealed on Thursday that Messi will not be re-signing.

Fabrizio Romano reports that the 34-year-old has begun talks with Paris Saint-Germain about a summer transfer.

On Friday morning, Laporta held a live press conference to explain the issue and how Messi’s future has come down to this.

If Messi’s contract had been extended, the club would have had to go to great measures to comply with Financial Fair Play, according to the president of Barcelona.

He remarked that the club must take precedence over all players, including the best in the world.

“The financial fair play you already know that in LaLiga the cash criterion is not followed,” Laporta told reporters.

“That is why, as I shall explain later, we were unable to enter the initial contract with Leo Messi.

“To ensure this level of fairness, Barça had to mortgage the club for half a century, which is part of the club’s audiovisual rights. And I have no intention of doing so for anyone.

“Thankfully, we have a 122-year-old institution that stands above players, even the best player on the planet. We are incredibly appreciative, but the club comes first.”

Messi’s exit, according to Laporta, heralds the beginning of a new era at the Nou Camp.

“Leo leaves a fantastic legacy. He has changed the course of history. He has the most collected victories in the club’s history,” Laporta noted.

“He leaves his imprint. He has served as a model for a glorious period in Barça’s history. It’s been fantastic.

“Now is the start of a new period for Leo, and there is a before and after. Samitier, Kubala, and Johan, for example. Within this axis, Messi is a reference.

“He has left a legacy of joys, a collective illusion of countless sporting triumphs, and images for the ages. The club owes you an eternal debt of gratitude.”

Laporta added that he didn’t want to get fans’ hopes up about Messi re-signing with the club in the coming days.

Messi is a natural leader. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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