Barcelona could follow in the footsteps of Antoine Griezmann and win the transfer war for Erling Haaland.


Barcelona could follow in the footsteps of Antoine Griezmann and win the transfer war for Erling Haaland.

Barcelona’s notorious Antoine Griezmann transfer may have influenced their interest in Erling Haaland.

Barcelona could use the same contentious strategy that they used to sign Antoine Griezmann to put themselves in the running for Erling Haaland next year. The cash-strapped Catalans have had a difficult summer, which includes Lionel Messi’s departure, and spending more money on another superstar could raise questions about their financial acumen.

Griezmann was supposedly brought to the Camp Nou in 2019 with the help of outside funding.

Because a massive agreement worth more than £100 million was put together, he was moved back to Atletico Madrid in a cut-price deal just two years later after his salaries became unsustainable.

Griezmann’s signing was a great example of the club spending money it didn’t have before taking a loss – it’s no surprise they’re now over £1 billion in debt.

SPORT claims that Barca could utilize external investment to make a move for Haaland again, implying that they haven’t learned their lesson.

Chelsea may have to pay a high price for Tammy Abraham’s transfer, but they have an ace up their sleeve.

When his £65 million release clause at Borussia Dortmund expires in 2022, the talented Norwegian will be available.

As Europe’s heavyweights prepare to strike, Haaland’s crew met with Barcelona long ago to plot a move.

Other European powers such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and perhaps even Juventus will throw their heads in the ring, but La Liga clubs in particular will be desperate for a marquee signing following the exits of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in recent years.

Haaland is clearly in the spotlight, having scored 11 goals in eight appearances for Dortmund so far this season, adding to his already impressive scoring record.

His release clause reduces his financial risk compared to Griezmann, and Barca would almost certainly avoid paying such exorbitant wages, but it would still be a massive investment.

Just because they offloaded their finest stars throughout the summer to get them out of the woods doesn’t mean they should go back in right away.

Ronald Koeman has led the team during this historic period at the Camp Nou, but he, too, is facing the sack after recent results have taken a drastic turn for the worst.

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