‘Australia doesn’t deserve a Grand Slam,’ says Novak Djokovic, amid visa issues.


‘Australia doesn’t deserve a Grand Slam,’ says Novak Djokovic, amid visa issues.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC has received support amid the confusion surrounding his visa and attempts to enter Australia.

Tennys Sandgren, a fellow tennis player, has backed Novak Djokovic, claiming that Australia should not be allowed to host another grand slam in the future because of their refusal to allow the Serbian into the country.

He took to Twitter to defend the world number one, whose visa was denied by Melbourne airport border officials.

“Just to be crystal clear here, his exemption was approved by two separate medical boards, and politicians are trying to stop it,” he wrote.

“Australia doesn’t deserve to host a grand slam,” he concluded his tweet.

If you want to play in the Australian Open, you must be double-vaccinated.

Sandgren will not participate in the event because he is not vaccinated.

In 2020, the world No. 96 advanced to the tournament’s quarter-finals, where he came agonizingly close to defeating Roger Federer before losing in five sets.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has issued a statement in light of recent events.

“Those who arrive at our border will continue to comply with our laws and entry requirements,” the ABF stated.

“The ABF can confirm that Mr Djokovic failed to provide adequate evidence to meet Australia’s entry requirements, and his visa was subsequently revoked.”

Djokovic was unable to enter the country due to a visa application error made by his team.

He is now on the verge of being deported, but the Serbian will not hear his fate until Monday because his team plans to appeal the decision.

Djokovic will be held at the quarantine Park hotel in Carlton until then, and was seen being transported there in the early hours of the morning in a silver Volkswagen van.

Other players scheduled to compete in the Australian Open have been allowed into the country after contracting COVID in the previous six months, according to Tennis Australia, using the same exemption that Djokovic applied for.

As a result of the uproar surrounding the nine-time Australian Open champion, Border Force is planning investigations into the other players.

“I’m aware of those allegations, and I can assure you that the Australian Border Force is looking into it right now,” Home Affairs Minister Kevin Andrews said.

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