At the age of nine, Traveller had a vicious bare-knuckle fight that only ended when it was ‘time for bed.’


At the age of nine, Traveller had a vicious bare-knuckle fight that only ended when it was ‘time for bed.’

Joe Smith is a Traveller who has made a name for himself as a pro golfer. He was, however, a successful bare-knuckle fighter in his youth, taking on 30-minute skirmishes at the age of nine. A Traveller who began participating in bare-knuckle fights as a toddler has told of one particularly gory 30-minute struggle with his cousin.

Young men like ‘The King of the Travellers’ frequently fight in gloveless skirmishes in Traveller communities, maintaining their family’s reputation and occasionally making big wagers.

Joe Smith claimed that he was not drawn to fighting as a superb athlete who went on to pursue a career as a professional golfer and unlicensed boxer.

However, in an interview with KRN TV, he explained how a terrible bout with his cousin when he was nine years old led to a successful career as a young bare-knuckle fighter.

Joe recounted how his father tried to prevent him from going out to play because he was afraid of being beaten up. The bold child, on the other hand, told him that he would be able to fight back.

“And we had a knuckle fight that, by today’s standards, would probably be considered brutal, but we had a knuckle battle urged on by adults,” he continued.

“9 or 10 years old, and we had a bare knuckle fight that lasted over half an hour, busted nose, black eyes…“ he said when asked how old he was.

We were 10 years old, 8 stone apiece, the size of a tiny man, and we didn’t have gloves.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Behave yourselves lads, have a sweet, shake hands, forget about it,’ or anything like that. We were in the middle of it.” Joe then recalled how, because he was so young at the time, his mother intervened in the battle to tell him he needed to go to bed, stating, “The only thing that stopped the fight was daylight.” The boxer added that as he grew older and his family moved from camp to camp, he began to gain a reputation for his scrapping.

“I had a number of knuckle fights that afterwards seemed like walks in the park,” he continued.

“I had a couple knuckle fights, and they were all about standing up for my sisters and relatives, and I wasn’t expected to win three or four of them since they were adults and I was still 17, 16, 18, 19, years old.

“However, because. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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