At Exeter camp, Rob Baxter discloses positive coronavirus tests


“a slight impact on player availability but not huge”a slight impact on player availability but not enormous.

On Saturday, the leaders and defending champions Exeter face the second-placed Bears at Sandy Park. After five games, the Bears have 20 points. On Wednesday, Baxter told a press conference, “We’ve had some positive tests but that’s all I can say about it. We’ve put together a team that looks very good. “If we have something in store for Covid, we still try to arrange a second round of t t. That’s just going to make sure we know with that 100 percent trust when we go out on the field that we’re not going to risk passing something to Bristol. “Asked if he was confident the game would go ahead, Baxter said, “I’m very confident at this point, but experience taught me that any time I’ve said I’m confident about the club rugby Covid scenario, something happens. There’s no reason to assume that we should have some issues, but as a precaution, we do it.


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