At a press conference, NBA legend LeBron James ripped on Netflix’s Squid Game.


At a press conference, NBA legend LeBron James ripped on Netflix’s Squid Game.

Squid Game is Netflix’s most popular show, but LA Lakers player LeBron James isn’t a fan of how the first season ended.

Since its introduction on Netflix, the smash series Squid Game has wowed audiences all over the world, but NBA legend LeBron James has lambasted the series’ conclusion.

The Korean program has surpassed Bridgerton as the most watched show on the streaming service, with 111 million views, far surpassing its predecessor.

The popularity of Squid Game has nearly doubled the number of viewers who saw Emily in Paris, which has been pushed out of the top ten as a result of the new show’s success.

Huge shows like Money Heist, Tiger King, and Stranger Things have all surpassed 40 million views, putting Netflix’s latest sensation ahead of the pack.

Because of its unusual storyline and tendency for dramatic surprises, the Korean-language drama has attracted a large army of admirers all over the world.

However, the shock at the end of season one’s climax didn’t sit well with LA Lakers forward James, who has made a name for himself in the entertainment world thanks to his starring part in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The NBA legend was seen talking about the event with teammate Anthony Davis in a video taken by a reporter for the Orange County Register in California.

***Warning: The following contains Squid Game spoilers***

“Yeah, but I didn’t enjoy the finale,” he admitted.

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“I know it starts with a season two, but man, get on the f***ing plane and go visit your daughter. So, what exactly are you up to?” James was alluding to the main character Seong Gi-decision hun’s at the end of the final episode to refuse to board an aircraft to meet his daughter in America.

Instead, he elected to remain in Korea, apparently to bring down the organizers of the homicidal game, in which every other competitor died attempting to earn the top prize but himself.

Gi-hun should have been satisfied with his winnings and the fact that he made it out of the game alive, rather than going back for more, according to the Lakers star.

“It’ll cost you [45 billion] won. He won the game, like, bro “Added he.

On the court, James is part of the Lakers’ intriguing all-star three this season, which also includes Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

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