‘Ask another question,’ Michael Schumacher sobbed during a press conference.


‘Ask another question,’ Michael Schumacher sobbed during a press conference.

In an emotional press conference, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER was moved to tears when asked about the death of Ayrton Senna.

With seven world championships under his belt, Michael Schumacher remains a Formula One legend.

Only Lewis Hamilton, who is vying for his eighth world title this season, can match this feat.

One prominent Formula One figure, however, is rooting for the Briton to fail.

Felipe Massa, a former Ferrari driver from Brazil, has stated that he hopes Red Bull’s Max Verstappen wins the championship.

“He deserves it,” the Brazilian said last week.

“Another World Champion would be fantastic.”

“To win, Max would do anything.”

Even if it means he’ll end up in a pile of gravel.

“He was always fast, but he was never mentally prepared.”

He’s a lot wiser now, and he almost never makes a mistake.

“With his seven World Champion titles, I’d like Schumi to keep the record.”

During his career, Schumacher had more tense moments with Ayrton Senna, a legendary Brazilian driver.

This rivalry, however, ended in tragedy when Senna died in 1994 after crashing out of a race at Imola.

Senna’s car left the racing line at 191 mph, ran straight off the track, and hit the concrete retaining wall at around 145 mph as he rounded the high-speed Tamburello corner on lap 7.

The accident occurred as Schumacher pursued from behind; both men were vying for the Drivers’ Championship.

When asked about Senna in a 2000 press conference, Schumacher was still emotional about the news of his death.

At Monza, he had just matched Senna’s race win record.

A reporter asked Schumacher during the press conference: This is your 41st victory, putting you on par with Ayrton Senna.

Do those records have a special meaning for you?”

Schumacher became emotional and cried, so the conference provided an opportunity for the German to recompose himself.

When asked why the record meant so much to him, Schumacher simply replied, “Ask me another question, please.”

“It is obvious why this victory means so much to us in Italy,” he said.

We’ve had some issues in the last few races, but we’re back on the road now.

It’s my 41st victory, and the crowd has cheered me on.

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