As Verstappen challenges Hamilton’s dominance in F1, Red Bull’s CEO alludes to a Formula One conspiracy.


As Verstappen challenges Hamilton’s dominance in F1, Red Bull’s CEO alludes to a Formula One conspiracy.

The new pit stop rules, according to Christian Horner, are a direct challenge to Red Bull’s success.

Christian Horner has slammed Formula One’s new pit stop regulations, claiming they were devised expressly to hurt Red Bull. Following safety concerns over automated release systems, the sport’s rulemakers imposed a minimum reaction time.

The FIA has issued a new technical guideline to prevent teams from employing automated sensors during their tyre changing processes ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix.

Teams must ensure that the response of the car being lowered from its jacks and freed from its pitbox is based on human reaction times starting with this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

Red Bull currently leads the Constructors’ Championship, with teammate Max Verstappen leading the Drivers’ Championship by 12 points over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

They are the fastest in the pit lane on a consistent basis, and team advisor Helmut Marko believes the rules are unfairly focusing on his team’s legitimate advantage.

“I have no idea what they’re trying to achieve with the new rules,” he remarked.

“It’s a complicated situation. But if the others can’t beat you, they’ll typically try to slow you down, which is exactly what’s going on here.”

“You could almost argue that having to hold the car for two tenths of a second is dangerous because you’re gauging your gaps,” Horner agrees.

“The person who is releasing the car has to make that decision, and I believe it hasn’t been sufficiently thought out.

“Innovation and competition are at the heart of Formula One. Pit stops falling under two seconds is a tremendous achievement, and we should celebrate it rather than try to restrict it; otherwise, where will it end?

“I’m guessing we’ll be taught which way to enter into the garage, where to sit on the pit wall, and which buttons to press.

“It’s a little disheartening to me. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the automobile is safe, and if a wheel is not replaced, the car must be stopped immediately.

“If you don’t have all four wheels firmly and safely attached, you’re in for a harsh punishment. So I’m not sure what the technical directive is trying to achieve because I believe there’s an awful.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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