As they prepare to take the throne, William and Kate’s public bonding ‘intensifies.’


As they prepare to take the throne, William and Kate’s public bonding’intensifies.’

One body language expert compared the Cambridges’ closeness to the strong bond that existed between the Queen and Prince Philip as their royal roles became more important.

According to one body language expert, the public bond between Prince William and his wife Kate has only grown stronger during their ten years of marriage.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are unlikely to succeed to the throne for many years, a royal observer says their body language has “intensified” as their public roles have grown more important.

“In terms of the couple’s happiness and their approach to their future roles as King and Queen, signals of continuity and even a love that has matured and intensified over the last decade are important,” royal watcher Judi James told the Express.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the difficulties they’ve faced together, William and Kate have grown into a strong family unit since their 2011 wedding.

“William and Kate’s body language together provides echoes of their signals of love from their wedding,” Judi continued, “almost as if time, royal crises, and the birth of three adorable children have had no effect on their bonds as a couple.”

“The only subtle difference is in William’s open displays of intense admiration for his wife, which could reflect her recent efforts to establish herself as a source of strength and mediation in the royal Firm.”

Kate took on more royal responsibilities when the Queen was sick earlier this month and stepped away from public duties, including taking the Queen’s place on the balcony on Remembrance Sunday while the monarch was recovering from a back sprain.

Judi compared the Cambridges’ relationship to the Queen and Prince Phillip’s unbreakable bond over the course of their 73-year marriage.

She commented, “Their torso closeness and touch rituals appear relaxed and unforced.”

“The way Kate holds her husband’s fingers in a sweet clinging gesture while he grips her leg tightly suggests their bonds of togetherness and support are mutual.”

“There are also echoes of the couple’s shared fun when they are on royal visits together, particularly recently, when Kate’s laughter has clearly been important for William at a time when he may be feeling under the weather.”

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