As the wounded KJT is disqualified, Gabby Logan slams Olympic officials, exclaiming, “Gosh, all heart!”


As the wounded KJT is disqualified, Gabby Logan slams Olympic officials, exclaiming, “Gosh, all heart!”

After Katarina Johnson Thompson was disqualified due to an injury, BBC reporter Gabby Logan criticized the Olympics officials.

Following the devastating sight of Katarina Johnson-Thompson, a British athlete, lying to the floor in anguish during Olympic heats, Gabby Logan slammed the officials, accusing them of lacking “heart.” As she approached the last 100 meter straight, the world champion is said to have pulled her achilles tendon in her right leg. The injury is the latest setback for the Team GB athlete, who has suffered numerous setbacks in recent years.

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Officials had “all the heart,” according to the former international rhythmic gymnast.

“Watching her was exciting for me,” Ms Lewis added. She was clearly upset, crying on the track, but she quickly collected herself and jogged down the home straight.

“I was taken aback when I saw that.

“You could think to yourself, ‘woe is me, why is this happening again?’” says the author.

“It’s this composure for me where she stands on her feet and displays incredible courage,” she continued.

“Normally, she would have been heartbroken, so I respected her for persevering this year.”

“We then discovered out she had been disqualified for rolling,” Ms Logan continued.

“Wow, the officials in the Olympic stadium have a lot of heart!”

Johnson-Thompson, 28, fell after completing the turn but declined medical attention or a wheelchair and finished the race.

She was disqualified, though, because she strayed from her lane.

Johnson-chances Thompson’s of finishing the heptathlon are now slim.

After a significant Achilles ailment, the 28-year-old British world champion headed into Tokyo 2020 with injury concerns and had barely raced this year.

She had dropped two places to fifth in the 200m after finishing 15th in the shot throw.

Johnson-Thompson will compete in the European Championships, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games next year, and the Paris Olympics are only three years away.

The Heptathlon is a combined track and field competition with seven events.

Athletes compete in the following events: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin throw, and 800m.


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