As the team searches for William Tyrrell’s bones, a mysterious bag is discovered.


As the team searches for William Tyrrell’s bones, a mysterious bag is discovered.

The remains of William Tyrrell are expected to be discovered in the latest search, according to a police spokeswoman. In 2014, when he was three years old, he went missing in New South Wales, Australia. After an old hessian bag was discovered buried near his late foster grandmother’s home, the search for missing three-year-old William Tyrrell, who vanished in 2014, may finally be over.

The toddler vanished while playing in the garden of his foster family’s relatives in New South Wales, Australia.

He was last seen on the property’s balcony, dressed as Spiderman.

A green nylon bag was discovered last week in one of three new locations under investigation, though specialists say the search for his remains might take months.

It was discovered near a tree trunk that anthropologist Dr Penny McArdle had highlighted as being of importance.

It’s the sixth piece of evidence discovered by police since the investigation began on Monday.

According to a police spokesman, if they remove 15-30cm of surface dirt “across the entire one kilometer square excavation site” and examine whatever they discover in the collected earth for evidence of William, “he’ll be in there.”

“Between half a foot and a foot down, and once they go down through the top soil into the orangey clay, they know it’s well into seven years down,” the representative continued.

“They’re removing seven years’ worth of dirt.”

A piece of fabric was discovered in a creekbed near the property earlier this week, and a search in the same area two hours earlier turned up another fabric sample.

According to the Daily Mail, the fresh evidence was discovered on the right side of a sluggish end of the stream that was emptied last night.

It was an 8cm × 8cm light blue-colored piece of fabric.

The entire investigation, according to William’s biological grandmother, who has not been identified, was “shambolic.”

“The foster care professionals knew everything, and we didn’t,” she explained.

“We were just having a small picnic when the foster care mother appears… She begins handing out lollipops and Kinder Surprises to the children.

“So she was just like keeping an eye on what was going on.”

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