As tensions with the US rise, Russia and China are moving closer to forming a’military alliance.’


As tensions with the US rise, Russia and China are moving closer to a “military alliance.”

With the United States’ support for Ukraine posing a threat to Russia’s expansion plans and China’s determination to reclaim Taiwan posing a threat to the United States, a clash between the superpowers is becoming increasingly likely.

The Pentagon’s worst nightmare, a military alliance between Russia and China, is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe agreed to a series of joint exercises and patrols across the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan in a video conference on Tuesday.

The Chinese and Russian navies have already sent a 10-ship joint flotilla through Japan’s Tsugaru Strait.

The presence of Russian warships in the South China Sea adds to the pressure on US Navy forces in the region, which is a potential flashpoint for a conflict between China and America.

In recent months, US bomber patrols near Russia’s airspace have “significantly intensified,” according to Minister Shoigu.

“Approximately 30 sorties have been made to the Russian Federation’s borders over the past month,” he said, “which is 2.5 times more than the same period last year.”

Operation Global Thunder, a drill that simulated a nuclear strike on Russia, was one of the US Air Force exercises he mentioned.

In light of the US’s aggressive moves, he believes that a Russian-Chinese alliance could be “a stabilizing factor in world affairs.”

According to official Russian news agency Tass, General Wei told Shoigu that Russia had “successfully countered” US military threats.

The People’s Liberation Army said the US was “creating safety risks and jeopardizing regional stability” after the USS Milius guided-missile destroyer made a “routine” patrol through the Taiwan Strait, according to the US Seventh Fleet.

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According to Chinese military sources, the landmark AUKUS nuclear submarine deal between Britain, the United States, and Australia is “an extremely irresponsible threat to regional stability.”

The new pact with Russia will “continue to deepen strategic cooperation between the two militaries, continue to strengthen cooperation in strategic exercises, joint patrols, and other areas, and continue to make new contributions to safeguarding China and Russia’s core interests and maintaining international and regional security and stability,” China’s defense ministry said in a statement.

China and the United States are at odds over Taiwan.

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