As she celebrates her 30th birthday with a cheeky post, an Instagram model takes everyone’s breath away.


As she celebrates her 30th birthday with a cheeky post, an Instagram model takes everyone’s breath away.

Adriana Hughes, who has over 360,000 Instagram followers, celebrated her 30th birthday by leaving a special message on her profile. The model was spotted having a good time in Tulum, Mexico. When an Instagram model celebrated her 30th birthday in style, she left everyone speechless.

Adriana Hughes had reached a major life milestone, and she wasn’t going to keep quiet about it.

The Dubai-based actress travelled to Tulum, Mexico, to begin her birthday celebrations.

Adriana marked her big day by sharing a series of photographs on her Instagram stories with her 360,000 followers.

The bombshell can be seen in the first snap posing in her undies for the money shot, surrounded by pink and purple balloons.

When she flaunted her perky buttocks for the camera, she hid behind the dozens of balloons.

The model is then photographed skydiving while joking, “Yay, I didn’t die on my birthday.”

Adriana showed off her birthday gift, a large bag from Tiffany and Co., after she discussed her day outing.

And just when we thought the beauty had had her fill of partying, she snapped a photo of herself eating at a Greek restaurant.

The beauty devoted an Instagram post to the “sexiest 30s of her life.”

She was spotted on the beach in a black bikini strolling on the white sand.

“Here is the start of the most sexiest in my life,” she captioned the photo. Thirty, flirtatious, and successful.

“I appreciate all of your lovely wishes.”

Her Instagram post has received over 11,350 likes and hundreds of comments since she posted it.

Do you want to receive all of the latest Lifestyle news in your inbox? Subscribe to the Brinkwire Hot Topics email for free. “Happy birthday, Adriana,” one Instagram user commented. “The thirties have never looked so lovely.” “My home away from home,” said another, while a third said, “Happy birthday, gorgeous.” Previously, the model told people to stay at home during the epidemic in a humorous way.

The celebrity wrote something pretty cheeky on her Instagram page in an attempt to persuade people to stay at home and stay safe.


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