As questions about Lewis Hamilton’s title challenge grew, Max Verstappen was dubbed a “hot rod.”


As questions about Lewis Hamilton’s title challenge grew, Max Verstappen was dubbed a “hot rod.”

Max Verstappen, according to John Watson, still has a lot to learn before he can beat Lewis Hamilton to the title.

Former Formula One driver John Watson says Max Verstappen still needs to put “all the pieces together” to beat Lewis Hamilton to the title this season, as the championship takes a fresh turn heading into the summer break.

As Mercedes battled through the streets of Monte Carlo, Verstappen, who has yet to win a championship, took the lead following victory at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Dutchman gradually extended his lead over the seven-time world champion, and heading into Hamilton’s home Grand Prix, he had a substantial 33-point lead and, due to victory in the sprint qualifying race, a full race victory in hand.

However, the swing occurred when Verstappen, who started on pole, collided with Hamilton on the first lap of the British Grand Prix, sending the Red Bull driver over the gravel and into the tyre barrier.

As the race heads to Budapest, Verstappen’s advantage has been sliced to only eight points, but Red Bull has vowed to fight back.

The 23-year-poor old’s luck continued over the weekend, when he was involved in yet another collision, this time at the hands of the second Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, who triggered a first corner pile-up at the Hungaroring.

After the incident, Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez retired from the race, but the 23-year-old finished second for Red Bull.

In a terrible twist of fate, Hamilton was able to finish third and reclaim the championship lead heading into the four-week break despite receiving a 10-second time penalty for the incident.

Watson, who finished third in the 1982 World Championship race for McLaren, believes Verstappen still has a lot to learn.

Watson told, “Silverstone was the high point in the way the championship is likely to play out.”

“Max should have let Lewis have the lead because he knew he could have undercut Lewis on the exit of Copse and regained the lead, but that’s where the two drivers’ differences lay.

“In situations like that, Lewis is a lot more knowledgeable than Max. Max is a speed demon. He’s made a lot of progress, but he still needs to learn how to win.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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