As Manchester United lose, Bruno Fernandes’ dissatisfaction with Cristiano Ronaldo becomes evident once more.


As Manchester United lose, Bruno Fernandes’ dissatisfaction with Cristiano Ronaldo becomes evident once more.

Bruno Fernandes battled once more during Manchester United’s dreadful 4-1 loss to Watford.

Manchester United’s 4-1 defeat against Watford appears to be the death knell for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure at Old Trafford, as a slew of the Norwegian’s key players, including Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo, went missing once more.

It’s not the first time those two have let Solskjaer down in recent weeks, but it could be the last.

As Solskjaer’s side fumbled out of the blocks, the Hornets rushed all over United, with only David De Gea’s brilliance keeping the hosts at bay after a dubious retaken penalty.

After that, there was little he could do as goals from Josh King, Ismaila Sarr, Joao Pedro, and Matthew Dennis condemned United and Solskjaer to another another humiliating loss.

Although De Gea did his best to keep Solskjaer afloat, a number of United’s important players, including Fernandes, were unable to do so.

Fernandes has been accused of disappearing in major games in the past, but he now appears to have acquired a worrying habit of disappearing for almost every game.

Last season, the Portuguese ace was Solskjaer’s saving grace, with Fernandes dragging the United manager out of a hole on a near-weekly basis.

However, he’s been much behind the pack this season. Fernandes was one of the few people who didn’t flourish in the mayhem of Vicarage Road.

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His hat-trick against Leeds United on the first day of the season already feels like a lifetime ago.

Since then, he’s only scored once, but his performances should be just as troubling as his lack of offensive prowess.

Realistically, Fernandes was never going to be able to repeat the form that saw him provide 45 goals last season.

However, the decline in his physical appearance and presence has been worrisome.

It’s eerily similar to the way United has disintegrated since the Old Trafford bloodbath on the first day of the season.

The arrival of Ronaldo, a Fernandes compatriot, was supposed to inspire the United midfielder to new heights this season. Instead, he’s just covered up Fernandes’ hideous appearance.

The two have had a difficult time together. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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