As Logan Paul prepares to fight Floyd Mayweather, here are three celebrities who have switched to sports.


As Logan Paul prepares to fight Floyd Mayweather, here are three celebrities who have switched to sports.

Although Paul’s fight with Mayweather has been universally panned, he is far from the first celebrity to attempt to make a living as a professional athlete.

Celebrities taking up professional sports appears to be a growing trend that shows no signs of stopping down. Logan Paul started the trend in boxing, and he’ll face Floyd Mayweather in the early hours of Monday morning for his third fight.

Many have dismissed the YouTuber’s quest to become a boxer as a farce, with Mayweather largely predicted to defeat his fellow American with ease.

Traditional boxers have been driven away from the rewards of Pay Per View arrangements by recent mega-money bouts starring YouTube stars like Paul.

This was demonstrated most recently when Josh Taylor defeated Jose Ramirez in a historic bout in which the Scot unified all four of boxing’s main titles in his weight class.

However, neither Sky Sports nor BT Sport broadcasted the fight, which was instead broadcast on an underground combat channel.

While many people have been critical of Paul’s decision to enter the boxing ring, he is far from the first star to do so.

Several actors, like former child actor Frankie Muniz, who played the eponymous character in the long-running sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, have done so as well.

However, as work dried up for the American, he resorted to professional motorsport, signing a two-year deal as a driver with Jensen Motorsport.

He did not score a point in any of the 14 races he competed in during the 2006 Formula BMW USA season, thus the move did not go as planned.

He had slightly more success the following season, finishing 22nd in the Champ Car Atlantic Series with 41 points, before returning to acting recently.

While Muniz’s motorsport career was not particularly successful, Patrick Demsey of Grey’s Anatomy found it to be a better fit.

The 55-year-old has been racing for over a decade, including multiple 24 Hours of Le Mans races.

While he has been less active on the track in recent years, he did place second in the 2015 Le Mans event.

Micky Rourke, who traded in his camera for boxing gloves in 1991, is one star Paul might look to for advice on battling in the ring.

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