As Lionel Messi nears a move to PSG, Sergio Aguero’s Barcelona exit plan takes an unexpected turn.


As Lionel Messi nears a move to PSG, Sergio Aguero’s Barcelona exit plan takes an unexpected turn.

Barcelona has had an eventful summer, culminating in Lionel Messi’s heartbreaking farewell.

Sergio Aguero’s future at Barcelona has been uncertain since Lionel Messi’s surprising departure from the Camp Nou on Friday. Given that the chance to play with his compatriot was a crucial factor in Aguero’s decision to transfer to Catalonia, the former Manchester City striker is now thought to be weighing his alternatives.

After a season marred by injuries, Aguero decided to join Barca at the start of the summer after a productive decade at the Etihad.

The chance to play with perhaps the greatest player of all time would have been a big factor in any player’s decision to join the Catalan team.

They’ve played together for Argentina on numerous occasions, but never in club football.

This will continue to be the case as they both enter their thirties, thanks to Messi’s planned move to PSG.

Nuno Espirito Santo, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has made a statement on Harry Kane before of Man City’s match.

Barca said on Friday that their severe financial condition prevented them from renewing Messi’s contract, and that they still had work to do to meet La Liga’s financial standards.

As they waited for time to make way for Messi’s new contract, Aguero had not even been officially registered with the club.

At the Camp Nou, though, everything has come crashing down, and Aguero is apparently going over the fine print to see if he can backtrack on his decision to sign.

In addition, an unexpected development has surfaced that could pave the path for the Argentine to dig his way out.

Injury kept Aguero from playing in the Premier League last season, limiting him to only 12 appearances.

As a result, according to Corriere dello Sport, Barca added an injury provision into his contract, allowing them to terminate the connection if Aguero’s injury difficulties continued.

Interestingly, the striker sustained a calf injury just after Messi’s farewell, which will keep him out for more than two months.

The specifics of Aguero’s injury clause aren’t well known, but the club may have shot themselves in the foot by allowing the 33-year-old to opt out.

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