As his brother provides an update on the detained tennis star, Novak Djokovic is ’emotional’ and ‘wants justice.’


Novak Djokovic is ’emotional’ and ‘wants justice,’ according to his brother, who provides an update on the detained tennis star.

The brother of world No. 1 Novak DJOKOVIC has provided an update on his brother, who has been detained in Australia.

Novak Djokovic’s brother, who is currently detained in Australia, has provided an update on the world number one, saying the tennis star is eager to see “justice served” and the “truth revealed.”

After being granted an exemption to play in the Australian Open by tournament organizers, Novak Djokovic arrived in Australia raring to go.

Any hope for the tennis legend was quickly dashed when the Australian Border Force cancelled his visa.

He is now on the verge of deportation, but the Serbian will not hear his fate until Monday because his team plans to appeal the decision.

Djokovic will be held at the quarantine Park hotel in Carlton, Melbourne, until then, and was spotted being driven there in a silver Volkswagen van.

“Novak could have left Australia by now,” Djordje told Serbian media, according to the Sydney Morning Herald: “But if he did, he would have admitted he is guilty, which he is not, and he would have faced defeat, which is not an option.”

“All that’s left now is to wait for the court’s decision.”

I have no idea what he’ll do if the decision does not go his way, and neither does he.

“He’s a bundle of emotions right now, and tennis and the Grand Slam are the furthest thing from his mind.”

Djordje detailed the circumstances surrounding his older brother’s current predicament.

“All he wants is for the truth to be revealed and for justice to be done.”

He didn’t fill out any of the forms required by the Australian Tennis Federation,” he added.

“It worked with the federal government, and the tennis federation was unable to issue a certificate; instead, the Victorian government did so.”

“However, that certificate was revoked by the federal government, indicating that we’ve reached a critical political juncture.”

While Djokovic awaits his appeal, he was granted a vaccine exemption to enter Australia after contracting covid in December, according to reports.

Tennis Australia granted Djokovic a temporary visa to enter the country and a “medical exemption from Covid vaccination” due to a recent infection, according to his lawyers.

An exemption certificate stated that the player would be released 14 days after testing positive in December, according to the documents.

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