As he reflects on his second F1 season, Lando Norris names the driver who “didn’t make me look good.”


As he reflects on his second F1 season, Lando Norris names the driver who “didn’t make me look good.”

Before the 2022 season, Lando Norris discussed his first two years in Formula One.

As he reflects on his second year in Formula One, Lando Norris admits that his former McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz didn’t make him ‘look good.’

Norris is tipped to be one of F1’s next big stars after finishing sixth in the driver standings in his second season with McLaren.

And, after a strong year on the track, the Englishman was full of praise for his former teammate, Sainz, who finished one place ahead of him in the standings.

Norris raced alongside Sainz in his rookie season in 2020, before the Spaniard switched to Ferrari for the 2021 season.

According to Norris, Sainz’s fifth-place finish was his best in Formula One to date, and the 27-year-old’s form seemed to have overshadowed the Englishman’s efforts.

“I think my second year was good,” the McLaren driver stated.

Carlos is, in my opinion, one of the best Formula 1 drivers.

“It also didn’t make me look as good, because he’s a fantastic driver who did an excellent job – like, fair play to him.”

“I believe he shadowed me a little because he was doing an outstanding job.”

“I believe this year I’ve taken the next step, which would have been similar to, if not better than, what he did.”

Norris was joined by F1 star Daniel Ricciardo for the 2021 season after Sainz left McLaren, and the Englishman compared working with the Australian to his former teammate.

“I’ve always wanted to beat Carlos,” he continued.

When Daniel arrived, on the other hand, I didn’t feel nervous in the least.

“A lot of people assumed I did it or asked the question because he’s a multiple race winner and podium finisher.”

As a result, unlike Ricciardo, the Englishman went on to say that Sainz’s abilities have gone unnoticed because the Spaniard drives cars that aren’t quite as good as the Australian racer’s.

“Everyone knows Daniel’s capable because he’s been in a race-winning car,” Norris continued.

“On the other hand, no one knew what Carlos was capable of because he’d driven a Toro Rosso, a Renault, and a McLaren.”

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