As he reacts to Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification, Lewis Hamilton provides a new health report.


As he reacts to Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification, Lewis Hamilton provides a new health report.

The long-term impacts of Covid have been felt by Lewis Hamilton.

Following an incident of impaired vision and dizziness following the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has issued an update on his health. On a tumultuous afternoon in Budapest, the Brit came in second after Sebastian Vettel was disqualified for failing to comply with post-race fuel restrictions.

Overall, Hamilton did well to fight his way back to the podium in Hungary following yet another wild start.

Valtteri Bottas’ late breaking into turn one in rainy conditions set off a chain reaction that resulted in many cars being damaged and the race being temporarily stopped by a red flag.

Hamilton was the only driver who did not pit before the race restarted as the debris was cleared and the sun began to dry out the track, resulting in a peculiar scene.

As the race resumed, the seven-time world champion lined up alone on the grid, with every other driver in the pits for a strategic tyre change.

Hamilton instantly realized his mistake and pitted on the next lap to replace his wet rubbers, but Mercedes’ delay in changing tyres dropped him to the rear of the pack.

On one of the tightest courses on the F1 calendar, the Mercedes driver patiently pushed his way forward on a difficult afternoon, claiming third before being bumped to second following Vettel’s disqualification.

After a tumultuous start, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon surprised everyone by winning. He led from the start and held off Vettel’s attack.

“Congratulations to the Alpine team and to Esteban Ocon for their first win – he’s been a real star and it’s been so amazing to watch,” Hamilton wrote on Instagram about the matter, as well as his health following a podium scare.

“It was a tough ending for Seb, but he put forth a lot of work.

“I fought my heart out, we gave it our best, and all things considered, P2 in Hungary feels quite nice.

“Thank you to everyone who checked in. I’m OK – I’m ready for a nap.”

Hamilton alleges that the repercussions of his struggle with COVID-19, which he contracted in December of last year, are still bothering him.

He complained of dizziness and blurred vision on the podium at the post-race press conference before consulting the team doctor.

Vettel will be the one with a bad taste in his mouth, despite the fact that he had a difficult afternoon. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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