As he plans Max Verstappen’s response, Michael Schumacher records “in Lewis Hamilton’s head.”


As he plans Max Verstappen’s response, Michael Schumacher records “in Lewis Hamilton’s head.”

With a victory in 2021, Lewis Hamilton might set a new world championship record.

Even if Lewis Hamilton claims differently, a former McLaren engineer claims that the prospect of beating Michael Schumacher’s record for most Formula One driver titles will be firmly in his mind this season. After a poor performance at the Austrian Grand Prix, the Briton has fallen farther behind Max Verstappen in the title battle.

Hamilton just signed a two-year contract extension with Mercedes, ensuring that the 36-year-old will have at least two more chances to establish his status as the sport’s best driver.

Both Hamilton and Schumacher have seven world titles, and the Mercedes driver has a lot of work to do if he wants to win in 2021.

“It’s looking more and more like [the world title]is going to Max Verstappen,” Marc Priestley recently said on the F1 Live podcast.

“Will Lewis be content with seven titles or will he strive for the eighth? I believe he is after that record.

“Lewis may claim that he is unconcerned about records, but I’ve dealt with him and know that this is not the reality.

“Those albums are in his head, and I believe this is the one he wants.”

Hamilton must find the consistency he has exhibited over the last few years to reduce the gap on Verstappen, who has won three of his last five races.

After his adversary finished in a disappointing fourth position, the Dutchman expanded his championship advantage to 32 points with a comfortable victory in Austria.

Hamilton claimed that his team is ‘miles away’ from Red Bull, who are also moving away in the Constructors’ Championship, based on the results.

Toto Wolff, the CEO of Mercedes, has stated that his star driver must ‘defy the odds’ to win the record-breaking title this year, despite the fact that he believes it is still within his grasp.

Time is running out for Hamilton to win his ninth championship and push himself into uncharted territory as he approaches his late thirties.

While the clock may not be on his side in the great scheme of things, it is for the rest of the season, with more than half of the 2021 racing calendar remaining to be completed.

Despite the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne due to COVID, F1 authorities are still determined to ensuring Hamilton and Verstappen have 23. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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