As he guarantees a £70 million purse, Floyd Mayweather wants Jake Paul to fight after Logan Paul.


As he guarantees a £70 million purse, Floyd Mayweather wants Jake Paul to fight after Logan Paul.

On Sunday night, Floyd Mayweather will meet Logan Paul in an eight-round exhibition bout.

After trading blows with the YouTube star’s brother Logan on Sunday night, Floyd Mayweather has stated that he may pursue a fight with Jake Paul. The 44-year-old, widely regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in history, is preparing for his first fight since defeating Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition contest in December 2018.

After agreeing to fight Logan at the end of last year, Mayweather has been engaged in a verbal spat with the 26-year-old for several months.

The match was supposed to take place in February, but it was postponed three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The eight-round demonstration will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, with knockouts permitted, but no official winner will be announced at the conclusion of the fight, and no judges will be present.

On Saturday, Mayweather discussed his goals for the coming year, implying that a fight with Jake may be on the cards shortly if he avoids a major upset by defeating Logan on Sunday night.

“It’ll probably be Jake after Logan,” the 15-time world champion told TMZ. “We don’t know,” says the narrator. “We’ll see.”

Mayweather also said that he expects to earn roughly £70 million from his fight with Logan, stating that a significant portion of the money has already been transferred to his account.

“I’ve made somewhere upwards of 30 million [US Dollars] for the build-up so far,” he claimed.

When asked if he expects to increase his fortune on fight night, he smiled and said, “Of course, of course.” Not bad for the Mayweather zone, between 50 and 100 [million US dollars].”

The Nevada native then gave his take on the battle, which has drawn a lot of criticism due to the ridiculousness of a fight between possibly the greatest fighter of all time and a YouTuber with a 0-1 boxing record.

“To me, it’s a win-win,” Mayweather explained, “but I’m in a no-win situation because if I knock him out in the first round, they’ll say, ‘Aw dude, this wasn’t worth it.’”

“If I give it a few more rounds.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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