As F1 teams give fans a sneak peek into 2022, Mercedes teases George Russell livery.


As F1 teams give fans a glimpse into the future, Mercedes teases George Russell’s livery.

With a look ahead to 2022, Mercedes joins McLaren and Williams Racing.

As teams begin the countdown to the 2022 season, Mercedes has given fans a sneak peek at George Russell’s new livery, with McLaren and Williams also revealing what to expect when the new cars hit the track.

F1 will debut its new regulations this year, with teams testing new aerodynamic concepts and cars sporting 18-inch tyres by 2022.

The new rules were implemented to shake up the championship and encourage more exciting racing by allowing cars to be designed around ground-effect aerodynamics and equipped with heavier, wider tyres.

Teams will also have to deal with a smaller budget cap of (dollar)140 million (£103.3 million) in 2022, which could limit aerodynamic testing and cause financial issues.

In the final season under the turbo-hybrid regulations, Mercedes and Red Bull were in a league of their own, with the championship coming down to the final lap of the season’s final race, with Max Verstappen being crowned champion after a contentious finish.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had previously dominated the championship, winning eight consecutive constructor titles since 2014, with the Briton only being beaten by his teammate Nico Rosberg in 2016.

During the British Grand Prix weekend, Formula One presented a model in the paddock with obvious visual changes to the car’s exterior, but no teams have set a launch date for the machinery.

Russell will partner Hamilton in his first full season with the Silver Arrows next season, after moving up from Mercedes.

Russell says the simulator suggested there won’t be many changes for him as a driver next season after trying out the new 18-inch tyres at the end of the season.

“I’ve only driven a simulation of the 2022 car so far,” he explained.

“An iteration of which we have a rough idea of where it’ll go.

“It’ll just be another racing car,” says the narrator.

It will be different, but the transition from Formula 4 to Formula 3, Formula 3 to Formula 2, and then Formula 1 will be similar.

“You learn to adapt as a driver.

“You’ll grow accustomed to it.”

“It’s like a racing weekend, where it’s sometimes hot and sometimes cold.”

With the Oxford-based, McLaren and Williams teased part of their new liveries.

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