As Emma Raducanu loses at Indian Wells, Roger Federer issues a warning.


As Emma Raducanu loses at Indian Wells, Roger Federer issues a warning.

Emma Raducanu has previously received acclaim from Roger Federer.

Emma Raducanu is looking for a new coach right now. And her loss at Indian Wells implies it’s a decision she’ll have to think about again. Roger Federer has already advised the 18-year-old about the need of having the appropriate people to’mentor and train’ her as she faces increasing expectations in the game.

Raducanu was expected to win her Indian Wells match against Aliaksandra Sasnovich, especially following her US Open victory last month.

However, the British player had a difficult evening, as Sasnovich won 6-2, 6-4.

Following that loss, former British star John Lloyd chastised Raducanu for recently separating with coach Andrew Richardson.

He remarked, “I find it difficult to think Emma made that decision.”

“Take a look at Emma’s celebrations with Richardson and the rest of the team after she won the US Open.

“She characterized it as the happiest event of her professional life. That romance ended three weeks later.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE AN EXPERT IN SPORT? Our difficult quiz will put your sporting knowledge to the test. “It’s a mind-boggling decision.” When Richardson got the call, I hope he was sitting down.

“If I had been him, I would have asked, ‘What else could I have done?'” Yes, it was only a temporary relationship, but you were just dismissed after the greatest tennis upset ever. It’s awe-inspiring.

“With this team, you won a Grand Slam.” Why would you want to change that? Why don’t you give it a couple more months?” Raducanu, on the other hand, would be wise to wait. It’s pointless to rush into anything, especially with so much to learn.

At times, the tennis world may be a challenging place to live in. Raducanu won’t get a lot of flak for her loss at Indian Wells, and with good reason.

However, Naomi Osaka is an example of what may happen when you don’t win. Social media abuse is rampant in today’s digital jungle.

If the sharks continue to lose like way, they will be forced to retire. It’s an unpleasant truth that can be applied to any sport in the globe.

And Federer has already advised Raducanu to surround herself with the appropriate people in order to deal with both on-court and off-court losses.

“I’ve been following Emma Raducanu’s tremendous run in Wimbledon and Naomi Osaka’s story these last few years — both of their tales have been spectacular,” he said in September.

“However, it aches,” says the narrator of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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