As emergency crews scurry, a massive fire breaks out at the Walkers crisp facility.


As emergency crews scurry, a massive fire breaks out at the Walkers crisp facility.

Nine fire engines from throughout Leicester have been dispatched to a Walkers Crisps facility in Beaumont Leys, which is “filling up with smoke,” according to eyewitnesses.

On an industrial park in Leicester, a big fire has erupted at what is thought to be the Walkers Crisps facility.

The incident near Beaumont Leys has drawn nine fire units from throughout the area, including the aerial platform ladder.

According to Leicestershire Live, the fire started shortly before 11 a.m. today (Friday November 12).

The incident occurred on the Walkers site at Leycroft Road, according to witnesses.

When personnel on the site reported that the building was “filling with smoke,” the alarm was sounded.

The emergency call came in around 10.43 a.m., according to a representative for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

“We received a call from the site reporting that the plant was filled with smoke and that the roof was likely on fire,” they explained.

Smoke could be observed pouring from the building’s roof.

According to the BBC, firemen were able to put out the fire in the industrial oven, which was then permitted to cool using an integrated cooling system that was monitored by firefighters who had a hose reel on standby.

The factory has been evacuated, according to the fire department.

Although a welfare car was dispatched from Kibworth to the facility, a spokesperson for the emergency services stated that no one was hurt in the event.

A representative from Walkers Crisps has been contacted for comment.

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