Arsenal’s shirt was inspired by ‘leaks’ on the London Underground, which gave fans an ‘instant migraine.’


Arsenal’s shirt was inspired by ‘leaks’ on the London Underground, which gave fans an ‘instant migraine.’

Arsenal supporters have mixed feelings about an unconfirmed new kit collaboration between the club and Transport for London that has been making the rounds on social media.

Arsenal appear to enjoy nothing more than churning out new shirts for their long-suffering supporters to buy, but their latest effort has reportedly given some fans an ‘instant migraine.’

The Gunners, like most clubs, sell a home kit, an away kit, and a third kit to fans.

Arsenal, on the other hand, likes to give their fans a little bit more by re-releasing retro kits and non-playing collections on a regular basis.

And their most recent alleged attempt is, to say the least, intriguing.

The Gunners have reportedly partnered with Adidas and Transport for London to release a jersey inspired by the London Underground, according to unconfirmed reports.

The ‘Adidas TfL pre-match shirt’ features a graphic that resembles the seat pattern of a London tube train, as well as several iconic London landmarks.

While Arsenal’s club crest appears on the left side of the chest, a custom logo inspired by the classic London Underground sign appears on the back of the collar.

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The Gunners have a one-of-a-kind relationship with London’s Tube system, as they are the only club to have a tube station named after them.

Arsenal station on the Piccadilly Line, formerly known as Gillespie Road, was renamed in 1932 after the Football Club, which had only recently moved into Highbury.

Despite multiple reports on Twitter of the Arsenal x TfL mash-up kit, including one fan who appears to already own it, it’s unclear whether the collaboration is official or something created by fans.

Regardless, the images elicited a variety of reactions from Arsenal supporters, not all of which were favorable.

“It’s like changing at Bank when you’re drunk,” one person explained.

“I believe we have more shirts than points,” someone else joked.

“It’ll show up late, stop at a ground for a long time, then end its journey early,” a third fan predicted.

Another Twitter user bemoaned, “I’ve got an instant migraine.”

Arsenal will want to stress the iconic “mind the gap” message from the Tube to Tottenham this weekend, who are two points behind their rivals ahead of the north London derby.


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