Arsenal fans agree that injury has damaged his career more than any other.


Arsenal fans agree that injury has damaged his career more than any other.

Arsenal fans agree on one player who may have made the difference for the Gunners if he hadn’t been plagued by injuries throughout his career.

Over the last 15 years, the north London team has featured several prominent center midfielders, all of whom have spent significant time on the sidelines due to injury.

Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, and Abou Diaby were all anticipated to play key roles in restoring Arsenal’s golden days.

However, because they spent so much time on the treatment table, all four’s efforts were considerably limited.

However, there is one player among the gifted quartet who Arsenal fans unanimously feel would have benefited the Gunners more than the others: Abou Diaby.

When Arsene Wenger signed Diaby in January 2006, he was regarded as the club’s next great defensive midfielder, compared to predecessor Patrick Vieira.

However, only five months into his Arsenal career, the Frenchman sustained a catastrophic ankle injury, requiring three surgeries and an eight-month recuperation period.

Diaby was never a key player for Arsenal due to a series of thigh injuries and groin strains, and the writing was on the wall when he lost 61 games due to a cruciate ligament rupture in March 2013.

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Despite his limited playing time, Diaby has certainly made an impression on the Arsenal fans.

When asked if there was one player you could pick to stay injury-free for the rest of his Arsenal career, who would it be? Several fans flocked to Twitter to defend the 35-year-old.

“Diaby. He had the potential to be the new Vieira, if not better. For a CDM, he had it all “one of the fans responded.

Another said, “Diaby, and I’m afraid it’s not near.”

One admirer declared, “ONE MILLION PERCENT Abou Diaby.” “This boy had a lot of potential. Due to injuries, we were denied the opportunity to have an Arsenal legend on our team.”


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