After describing herself as ‘OCD,’ Arlene Phillips of I’m A Celeb has received complaints from Ofcom.


Arlene Phillips of I’m A Celeb has received complaints from the Office of Communications after describing herself as ‘OCD.’

I’m A Celeb’s Arlene Phillips has sparked Ofcom complaints after describing herself as ‘OCD.’

According to Ofcom, 59 complaints were filed with the broadcasting regulator after Dame Arlene Phillips described herself as OCD for wanting everything “neat and tidy” on the first episode of I’m A Celeb.

Following her appearance on I’m A Celebrity, she made a statement about her OCD.

Arlene Phillips, the star of Get Me Out of Here!, has been the subject of 59 of 89 complaints to Ofcom.

89 complaints were filed on the first night of I’m A Celeb, according to the broadcast report, the majority of which (59) were about Arlene Phillips’ portrayal of herself as OCD.

There have been 13 animal welfare complaints in the meantime.

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge is one of many celebrities who have appeared on the show this season, but her “degrading” comment about OCD has already sparked debate.

When she joked that she had OCD because she likes things clean and tidy, many of her followers chastised her for “branding it as a joke.”

“I can’t live with dirt,” Arlene explained as she made her way into the castle to greet her campmates.

“(hashtag)ImACeleb has just started and someone has just declared they are “a bit OCD” because they prefer things to be tidy,” one user wrote.

Is it possible to put a stop to this right now? OCD is a crippling disorder,” someone else suggested, adding that Arlene should be “taught what OCD is” rather than being “branded as a joke.”

The remark was labeled as “degrading” by another observer.

Others argued that the statement should not have been included in the first place, with one user writing, “Ah and we start (hashtag)ImACeleb with Arlene Phillips exploiting OCD.”

It’s shameful that @ITV included it in the footage.

“OCD is a serious and frequently debilitating disorder that can cause significant anguish,” an OCD Action spokeswoman told Metro in response to her comments.

“It’s critical that OCD is depicted accurately on television because stereotypes can prevent people from seeking help.”

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental illness characterized by uncontrollable repetitive thoughts and behaviors.

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