Antonio Conte has warned Tottenham players that if they defy his ketchup restriction or sleep schedule, he will find out.


Antonio Conte has warned Tottenham players that if they defy his ketchup restriction or sleep schedule, he will find out.

ANTONIO CONTE has stated that he will find out if Tottenham players disobey his body-care regulations.

Following his appointment as manager earlier this month, the Italian promptly instituted a ketchup and pizza ban at Hotspur Way.

Conte is especially interested in improving players’ sleeping habits, and at past clubs, he has even given stars advice on their sex life.

The 52-year-old is well aware that he can only influence the behavior of his teammates while they are on the practice field.

However, he has cautioned that the club nutritionist will assist him in identifying any players who are not following the regulations.

“I can view the nutritionist’s results and determine if this is okay or not okay, and maybe you aren’t doing well outside the training center,” he remarked.

“This is a component of it; we’re trying to improve the players in a variety of ways and make them comprehend.” The pitch and game are merely the culmination of your efforts.

“You must prepare your body as well as your head.” Also, your heart and will to succeed.

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“I was the same because I believe I had a valuable experience as a player, which I am attempting to incorporate into my coaching and relationships with the players.”

“I believe that excellent nutrition and mindset are really crucial for players since it is not just about the training or the game for them. I believe you should prepare yourself as well as possible.

“It’s critical to get enough sleep and to eat healthily. These two factors aid the player’s recovery.

“If you have the right nourishment and get enough sleep, you can recover quickly, be ready to work, even if it’s hard work at times, and avoid injuries.” To be professional, you must consider all of these scenarios.

Professionalism is taking care of one’s body,” I explained to the dietician. This is significant because you must have both good fat and good muscle. This is a part of our labor, as well as the work of the players.

“To be professional, you must look after your body.” If you do this, you will be less likely to get an injury and will be more prepared to handle the training, which can be challenging at times.

“I’m moving gently, slowly because the priority right now is to work hard on the field, to focus on the physical, tactical, and mental components.” For… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.


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