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Angry Mike Tyson asks ‘you consider me a b****?’ in X-rated rant over ‘f***ing joke’ Roy Jones Jr promo video

MIKE TYSON tore into producers after being asked to shoot a “f***ing joke” promo video for his fight against Roy Jones Jr.

The one-time Baddest Man On The Planet has already had his sensational return to the ring put back to November from September.

And he showed some of this anger in a promo video for social media giants Triller.

He described the questions he was told to put to Jones Jr as “bulls***” and a “f***ing joke”.

His first question was to ask his opponent to “name a song or a movie that gets you pumped up”.

But the 54-year-old was less-than impressed with this, and decided to change the tone of the promo entirely.

He continued: “I don’t wanna do this. It’s really not me. I wouldn’t be saying this bull****.

“I’m not going to ask him to be playing no song or movie or what he likes.

“Yeah, you know you wanna sell the fight. We’re not going to sell it talking fing nursery rhymes. F***ing novel stuff. A f***ing joke.”

Then referring to California State Athletic Commission chief Andy Foster saying that it wouldn’t be “a real fight”, Tyson added: “And these guys are not trying to kill each other.

“Hey, what song or movie gets you pumped up, baby? C’mon man, that’s me? That’s what you consider me? You consider me a b***h?

“This is in the name of fighting. We wanna kill each other, man.

“The people are coming to see us fight because we wanna kill each other.

“They’re fing savages, they wanna kill each other. They want blood.”

I’m an annihilator… Man for man I don’t think nobody can match me

The former world champions were due to face off in an eight-round exhibition fight on September 12 at the Dignity Health Sports Park in California.

But Ring Magazine claims Tyson vs Jones Jr has been shifted back until later in the year.

It’s understood the showdown will still be in the same venue, although it looks likely no fans will be able to attend.

Concerns have been raised regarding the 54-year-old stepping back between the ropes to battle fellow veteran Jones, aged 51.

But Tyson says: “My mentality is just what it’s always been.

“How do I say this? I’m an annihilator… Man for man I don’t think nobody can match me.

“I’m the greatest fighter since the conception of God, how could I not take this opportunity up?”

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