Angel Di Maria reveals insights about Jose Mourinho’s ‘crazy’ feud with Cristiano Ronaldo.


Angel Di Maria reveals insights about Jose Mourinho’s ‘crazy’ feud with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The squabble between Mourinho and Ronaldo is reported to have occurred while they were both at Real Madrid in La Liga.

Angel Di Maria has highlighted the tumultuous relationship that existed between Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Mourinho’s first signing at Los Blancos was the winger, who spent four years with the La Liga giants.

At the Bernabeu, Di Maria had a fruitful spell, scoring 36 goals and assisting on another 85.

During Mourinho’s stint at Real Madrid, the Argentine was a significant figure, helping the club win La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

Ronaldo joined the duo at the Bernabeu, and Mourinho took over ahead of his second season with the club.

Ronaldo’s place as one of the top players in the world would be cemented under his countryman’s leadership.

However, Di Maria claims that their relationship at Real Madrid was not always cordial, with the two arguing.

Di Maria has gone into great detail about one such instance, even calling Mourinho’s managerial style “crazy.”

“Mourinho is mad, but he was always a kind man with me,” Di Maria, who is currently with PSG, told Libero.

“However, he battled with everyone, and he didn’t give a f***. He had a fight with Ronaldo once, telling him that he didn’t run and that everyone had run for him.”

When Manchester United made a move for him in 2014, the winger liked his time with Ronaldo and praised the superstar’s efforts to keep him at the club.

“I invited Cristiano to my first birthday party in Madrid and expected him to cancel. He came over to my house and drank beer with my pals like it was nothing,” he explained.

“Ronaldo and a few others fought to keep me in the club, but it was impossible with that small person (Fiorentino) in charge.”

Di Maria did eventually transfer to Old Trafford for a reported £60 million, but it was not a happy period for him in Manchester.

Before joining current French powers PSG, the Argentine spent only one season in the Premier League.

And he has placed the blame for his problems in England firmly on Louis Van Gaal, his Red Devils boss.

“I couldn’t care less about Manchester United.”Brinkwire Summary News


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