Andy Murray was taken aback by Djokovic’s vaccine controversy, which he described as “really bad for tennis.”


Andy Murray is stunned by Djokovic’s vaccine controversy, calling it “really not good for tennis.”

ANDY Murray expressed his concern for Novak Djokovic yesterday, saying the row was “really bad for tennis.”

Murray, a three-time Grand Slam winner, said other players were taken aback by the vaccination visa saga, which could prevent the Serbian world number one from competing in the Australian Open.

“I think everyone is surprised, to be honest,” Murray told reporters in Australia.

I hope Novak is doing well; I’m familiar with him and have always enjoyed working with him.

“The second point is that it’s not good for tennis and, in my opinion, it’s not good for anyone involved.”

“I believe it is extremely bad.”

Since being stopped by border officials at Melbourne’s airport over his Covid vaccination status, Djokovic, 34, has been forced to stay in a hotel used by asylum seekers.

His visa was later revoked by officials.

He has filed a court challenge to the ban, claiming that a medical exemption allowed him to enter Australia.

However, the Australian government denied giving the player assurances that his “so-called” exemption would allow him to enter the country in a court filing prior to the hearing.

Djokovic’s legal team claims to have received confirmation from Australia’s Department of Home Affairs that his responses on his Australia Traveller Declaration indicated he met the criteria for quarantine-free entry.

“It had not represented to the applicant that his so-called’medical exemption’ would be accepted,” the government claimed.

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Djokovic’s claim for a medical exemption from Australia’s vaccination requirements based on his contracting Covid in mid-December was also challenged in the government submission.

“There is no suggestion that the applicant had ‘acute major medical illness’ in December 2021,” government officials said. “All he has said is that he tested positive for Covid-19.”

Djokovic, an outspoken opponent of mass vaccination, was also photographed without a mask in locations around Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, around the time he claims he tested positive on December 16.

Previously, the six-time Wimbledon champion refused to reveal his vaccination status or the reason for his request for a medical exemption from vaccination requirements.

“It is common ground” that “the applicant is unvaccinated,” according to court documents.

Djokovic is aiming for a victory.

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