Andy Murray thinks only about himself and takes the wild card spot at the French Open


Former number one world player Mats Wilander claims that Andy Murray does not consider Grand Slam wild cards that could go to younger players.

The Scot was eliminated in two sets by Stan Wawrinka on clay and said he would “think long and hard.” after the match.

Wilander, who works for Eurosport, said after the clash, “I’m worried about Andy Murray. I’m always a bit disappointed. Is it his right to be out there and do that? And why? I did it and I wasn’t supposed to do it, it was the greatest mistake I’ve made in my career.”

I believe it is important for Andy Murray to stop worrying about himself and start thinking about who he was. It’s difficult to stop, for sure. The fact that he’s back and trying, I love it. He’ll hopefully find out why he’s doing it.

Murray replied with the words “Love this” and a thumbs-up emoji to the quotes on Instagram.


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