Andy Murray reacts to the boos he received at Indian Wells after imitating Nick Kyrgios against Carlos Alcaraz.


Andy Murray reacts to the boos he received at Indian Wells after imitating Nick Kyrgios against Carlos Alcaraz.

Andy Murray advanced to the third round of the Indian Wells tournament by defeating Carlos Alcaraz in three sets.

In his second round encounter against Spanish teen sensation Carlos Alcaraz on Sunday at Indian Wells, Andy Murray had a rare situation of being the villain on the court. The three-time Grand Slam champion has long been a fan favorite at every tournament he’s competed in, especially since his injury comeback.

Murray has shown in recent weeks that he can still play with the top on the tour, taking Stefanos Tsitsipas to five sets at the US Open and impressing at the Moselle Open.

The British tennis legend is back in action at Indian Wells, where he is off to a solid start with an easy win over Adrian Mannarino.

The following match was a stern test against Alcaraz, who is widely regarded as a future Grand Slam champion.

The 18-year-old won the first set, but Murray came back to win the second and move to the third round.

Murray, on the other hand, caught everyone off guard in the second set when he followed in the footsteps of Nick Kyrgios and other tour pros with a controversial underarm serve.

Murray earned an ace and won the third game of the set as a result of the play, which took Alcaraz off guard.

In recent years, the underarm serve has become a divisive maneuver, with fans frequently expressing their displeasure at witnessing tennis professionals utilize it.

The crowd at Indian Wells booed Murray as he headed back to his chair, and Murray was no exception.

However, the former British No. 1 justified his decision, claiming that the BNP Paribas Open’s sluggish courts, along with Alcaraz’s deep standing position, made it enticing to try an underarm serve.

“To return the initial serve, he shifted his position further back. And by that I mean that the courts in this town are painfully slow “‘I told Eurosport,’ he said.

“On my first serve, I didn’t receive many free points. Throughout the match, I served three aces, one of which was an underarm serve, so…” I considered utilizing it again in the third set, but decided against it.

“But yeah, that was the first time I did it in a match and earned the ace. So if guys are standing that far back, I might attempt it again in the future.” Murray will be pitted against Alexander. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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