Andy Murray: ‘Coronavirus vaccine for tennis players should be compulsory’


Andy Murray has said that in order to compete in tournaments, he believes tennis players should get a coronavirus vaccine.

Tennis has been struck hard by the coronavirus pandemic, including soccer and other sports. There were several activities that either did not take place, were digitally played or kept behind closed doors.

There is high expectation, however, that vaccines will be widely available by next spring, and Murray has said he will endorse the sport’s compulsory program.

“I think that should probably be the case. I would hope all players would be willing to do that for the good of the sport – provided it’s all proven safe, clinical trials and everything have been done and there are no significant side effects.”I think that should probably be the case. I would hope that all players would be willing to do that for the good of the sport – provided it’s all proven safe, clinical trials and everything has been done and no severe side effects are possible.

Novak Djokovic was criticized for his anti-vaccination remarks earlier this year, but later said that although he was not against vaccines, he did not like the thought of being forced to do so.

The athlete who, according to Andy Murray, “definitely deserves an accolade”

“I think it would be difficult,” Murray said. I also read that he wouldn’t want to do it a few weeks after he said, if it was anything that had to be done for him to play the sport, he would do it.

“I guess we’re going to have to wait to see what the stance of the ATP and ITF (International Tennis Federation) is on this. But I’m sure the players would be there if it meant that the tour would return to normal.

The 2020 season ended with Daniil Medvedev’s win at the ATP Finals on Sunday, but there is still significant doubt about next year’s calendar.

In Australia, stringent quarantine laws have put doubt on the Australian Open’s viability, with players unable to arrive in the country at the earliest until late December and then having to spend two weeks in quarantine.

Discussions about whether during the quarantine they will practice or participate continue, and Murray expects the tournament to be moved back from Jan. 18, its scheduled start date.

The tennis ace said, “Obviously, it’s hard for the players.” Originally, we were going to depart on December 12 or 13 and arrive around the fifteenth. Then it shifted, and the last time I learned that they were trying to move it back a few weeks.

“I think that would be the best scenario right now. That would allow the players to get there in early January and really prepare for the event. I’ll go as soon as I can.”

If that’s what it takes, Murray will be able to live in a hotel room for two weeks, but he hopes that an arrangement can be made where players can play warm-up tournaments.

He said, “A lot of players are coming from very cold climates right now. If you then ask players to play in 35, 36 degree heat with no match preparation, it just increases the risk of injury.”

Because of a problem with his left muscle psoas, which connects the spine and femur, Murray ended his season early last month.

The 33-year-old was only able to play seven official matches after beginning the year with a pelvic injury, and cut a dejected figure after losing his last contest to Fernando Verdasco in Cologne.

But Murray has maintained, almost two years after his hip surgery, that he should return to the top of his game.

He said, “I’ve been trying to beat all my personal bests in the gym, which has been pretty exciting for me. I’m very inspired to do that.

“Speed is the only thing I may not be able to get to the same degree. But I hope that I can be a little quicker on the court by improving my strength and control.

There’s no excuse I can’t get back to what it was before. And last year, that was probably just not the case. But I’m feeling fine.

I have not forgotten how tennis can be played. I know if I get very fit and safe over a long period of time, I will succeed and win big matches.


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