An ‘ironic’ snapshot of a car slamming into a vehicle license center is discovered by a Google Maps user.


An ‘ironic’ snapshot of a car slamming into a vehicle license center is discovered by a Google Maps user.

In an accident that Google Maps users have dubbed “ironic,” a black SUV drove through the front of a Department of Motor Vehicles licensing center on Whipple Avenue NW, Ohio, US.

Reddit is known for its strange sights, especially when it comes to automobiles.

One Reddit user submitted an amusing photo of a car that had smashed through the window of a driving licenses center on Whipple Avenue NW in Ohio.

The photo shows a black SUV slamming into the glass doors of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), scattering fragments all over the place.

The tremendous impact distorted the door and window frames, causing bricks to tumble away from the building.

The photo, which was titled “the irony,” sparked multiple comments concerning DMV lines.

“This is how you cope with those huge lines at the DMV,” one user said.

“I’m here for my driver’s test,” said another.

“I hope their license was suspended for at least a year following this,” a third wrote.

A fourth remarked: “It’s amusing and ironic at the same time. However, when considering new drivers who are applying for their first driver’s license, it appears that this type of thing may occur more frequently.” The news comes after users of Google Maps were thrown in fits of amusement after witnessing a strange pile up on the program.

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Three trucks stacked up on top of each other in a ‘conga line’ at a junction in the Mexican community of Colombia, Nuevo León, according to the original poster.

“Trucks doing the Conga!” read the caption on Reddit, which got scores of upvotes.

One truck driver generously clarified in the comments: “I used to drive a truck over the route for a year and would see this at least once a week. Outside of it, however, it is practically never the case.” Others, on the other hand, have taken a less innocent approach to the photo’s jest, calling it a truck threesome.


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